Everest Gymnastics: January Coach Spotlight

Everest Gymnastics employs more than a dozen talented coaches and administrators. These dedicated professionals each take a personal approach to nurturing the talents of the school’s future athletes. In the following brief post, three special members of the EG family are highlighted.

Coach Anna

Everest GymnasticsOriginally from Sweden, Coach Anna is a fitness enthusiast who runs her own health and wellness business. Anna has been with Everest Gymnastics since 2006 after moving to the United States from Stockholm. Her favorite thing about coaching the Compulsory Team is the time she gets to spend with her students and the bonds she has forged over the years. Coach Anna finds inspiration in every day and claims her favorite moments are not necessarily on the mat, but any time she has an opportunity to be with Han, Chen, and the many students she is blessed to mentor. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics: January Coach Spotlight”

Everest Gymnastics Coaches on HOPES Qualifiers Savannah Goveia and Amber Lowe

Everest GymnasticsThe coaches, staff, and students at Everest Gymnastics have a new reason to celebrate 2019. Coaches Qi Han and Yiwen Chen recently received notice from Lauren Stevens of Chalk Warriors that two of the school’s students are slated for recognition at the National Gymnastics Awards Banquet & Celebration, scheduled for February 9. Here, the girls’ coaches open up about their excitement and share information on these young athletes.

Q: Why is it such an honor to be invited to the National Gymnastics Awards Banquet?

Everest Gymnastics: This is the only event of its kind in the United States specifically to honor and recognize talented gymnasts on a national level. Gymnasts from all over the country will come together for a special night of camaraderie and to celebrate the most outstanding achievements of the 2018 season.

Q: Is it a private event?

Everest Gymnastics: The banquet and celebration are open to the public. However, out of the hundreds of thousands of gymnasts in the states, only a handful are selected for official recognition. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics Coaches on HOPES Qualifiers Savannah Goveia and Amber Lowe”

Everest Gymnastics: Safety First

Everest GymnasticsEverest Gymnastics coaches get just as excited as their student each time a new routine is complete or a new milestone passed. However, more than progress, each member of the EG family of staff prioritizes safety. Here, representatives from the US National Team Training Center answer a few common questions about gymnastics safety.

Q: What is the most common gymnastics injury?

Everest Gymnastics: While injuries can certainly be sustained falling off of equipment, perhaps the most common are those that occur during less strenuous floor exercises. Although minor, injuries such as wrist and ankle sprains can interrupt training. More severe injuries include concussions, broken bones, and torn ligaments. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics: Safety First”