5 Quick Tips for After The Season

Everest Gymnastics is almost a household name during the busy gymnastics season. You can find young gymnasts training day and night within its walls. While the coaches’ job is, in part, to encourage physical conditioning, they are also responsible for teaching athletes when it is time to step away from the mat. Here are five tips on things all parents should encourage their athlete to do in the precious few months without a meet on the books. 

1. Rest.

According to the experienced coaches from Everest Gymnastics, the “off” season is the prime time to take some time off. This goes against everything your athlete might have learned during and before competition season, but rest is essential to their performance as well as their health. Two weeks out of the gym can do wonders for injuries as it gives the body a chance to heal. Plus, a little time off for family vacation is the best way to bond.

2. Go easy when it is time to return to the gym.

It is a common misconception that taking a break from the gym causes injuries. It does not. However, according to Everest Gymnastics, jumping headfirst into intense training in an effort to speed up physical conditioning does.

3. Head to the doctor for a full physical.

There is no doubt that the gymnast in your life is as healthy as they will ever be. But that doesn’t mean there are not issues that need attention. A quick physical can help identify any emerging medical conditions or unhealed injuries so these can be taken care of before going back to a training schedule. 

4. Start planning. 

The coaches at Everest Gymnastics like to spend this down time discussing the previous season — what worked, what did not —  and to get to know each athlete’s personal goals for the upcoming year.

5. Learn.

You and your child will be better off this and every year by taking the time to learn about things like healthy sleep, movement mechanics, nutrition, and recovery. There is never enough knowledge, and you never know when it will come in handy.