Everest Gymnastics Shares Tips on Choosing a Gymnastics Facility

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If you’ve ever considered putting your child in gymnastics, but were unsure how to find the right club, you’re not alone. Many new parents tell the coaches at Everest Gymnastics their biggest challenge was finding a facility they felt comfortable with. Many did not even know where to begin. If you’re in the early stages of looking, know that it is not difficult to choose a training center for your child, but it will take some research, and you will need to pay close attention before deciding on whether or not a gym is a good fit.

Ages and stages

Your first task is to locate gym that offers age-appropriate classes. Children can begin as young as 24 months. However, these tiny tumblers are not quite yet ready for independent activities. Look for a program that offers “mommy and me” classes that require parental involvement. Preferably, your chosen gymnastics club can follow your child as they progress and will offer programs tailored to their age and abilities.

Who are the coaches?

According to Everest Gymnastics, another important factor in your decision should be the coaches. Are they trained in gymnastics? This may not be essential in the very early days as your child becomes comfortable with physical movement, but you want to make sure that some of the coaches are gymnasts themselves. Your child’s coaches should be comfortable on the equipment, which should include uneven bars, balance beam, a spring floor, vault, and mats that are in good condition.


Finding a gymnastics center for your child is not a decision you should base solely on an online search. The staff and coaches at Everest Gymnastics strongly encourage talking with other parents. You might be able to schedule a visit during a class time when parents will be onsite.

Convenience considerations

A few other things to consider when looking for a gymnastics facility is whether or not they have convenient hours, locations that are easily accessible to you, and if both recreational and competitive programs are available. Costs can vary wildly from one center to another, but tuition should not be your driving factor.