Everest Gymnastics: Simone Biles A Living Legend

bilesSimone Biles is officially the first American to take home the gold in every event at a major gymnastics competition. The students, staff, and coaches at Everest Gymnastics have been following Biles’ career for years and say that this newest accomplishment is made even more remarkable by the fact that she is barely a year back into a training routine after a 12-month hiatus following her participation at the Rio Olympics.

Biles was already notable for holding the highest number of titles by either a male or female gymnast.

According to the coaches at Everest Gymnastics, who have watched Biles’ performances closely, the athlete isn’t simply going up against inferior competition — she’s just an exceptional gymnast, a talent that seems to come naturally. Most gymnasts must practice and condition their bodies for several months before returning to competition-level performance. Not Biles. The 22-year-old was back to pre-sabbatical levels within weeks. But she didn’t stop there. It took less than three months for Biles to surpass her previous abilities.

One thing that everyone at Everest Gymnastics noticed was that Biles improved her performance on the uneven bars. While she was always more than just “good” on the bars, she could never quite shake a visible discomfort. That changed under the tutelage of coach Laurent Landi, the French-American gymnast and former World Olympic Gymnastics Academy Coach, who now serves as Biles’ lead coach and inspiration. Biles now holds a silver medal in bars, an achievement she likely never thought possible until now.

Biles says she returned to the sport not for the glory but as a way to challenger herself. Her commitment and perseverance are evident in her training schedule and unwillingness to miss practice. Biles recently admitted herself into the ER for kidney stones. She was treated until 1:00 AM and returned to the gym bright and early the next morning to train with Landi and his wife and co-coach, Cecile.

Everyone at Everest Gymnastics admires this young woman and knows that she serves as an inspiration for the many young athletes that hope to follow in her footsteps. The coaches say she is a force to be reckoned with, and can’t wait until Tokyo to see what she has hidden up her sleeve.