Everest Gymnastics on 2019 Junior Olympic National Championships

Level 9 and 10 athletes from Everest Gymnastics have already made a huge impact in the world of sports for 2019. In April, it was announced that six students have qualified for the 2019 Junior Olympic National Championships and another had qualified as a Level 9 to the Eastern National Championships.

Q: What is the Junior Olympic National Championships?

Everest Gymnastics: The Junior Olympic National Championships is described by many as the culmination of the competitive gymnastics season. Featuring 12 separate divisions from Junior A to Senior F, this event brings together more than 675 athletes from across the country. Each of the competitors will showcase their very best work in an effort to become Junior Olympic champions. They will be judged on the uneven bars, vault, floor and balance beam. The ultimate goal is to be chosen best all-around.

Q: How difficult is it to qualify for this event?

Everest Gymnastics: There are thousands upon thousands of serious gymnastics students in the US. Of these, only a handful get to participate. Each region is responsible for bringing athletes to the proverbial table. There are eight regions, and only the top seven of each age division qualify to attend the Junior Olympic National Championships.

Q: Which Everest Gymnastics students qualified for the championship for 2019?

Everest Gymnastics: Leanne Desmond, Amber Lowe, Emily Buffington, Bryn Bartman, Haleigh Bryant, and Julianna Weil. We are also proud to announce that our very own Lexi Myers has been invited to Kissimmee, Florida, to compete in the Level 9 Eastern National Championships.

Q: What are the requirements before a student can be selected to the Junior Olympic program?

Everest Gymnastics: USA gymnastics designed the Junior Olympic program to allow all athletes an opportunity to build foundational skills. Those who wish to compete must be an USA Gymnastics Athlete Member or, in the case of the lower-level competitors, an Introductory Athlete Member.

Q: Do you have any advice for these young ladies as they advance in their gymnastics careers?

Everest Gymnastics: Work hard and keep your goals in sight. But more than anything, have fun and remember that you are the next generation of role models for every young girl that now aspires to be where you are and where you are heading.