Everest Classic in its 8th Year, 89 Everest Gymnastics Students Compete

Everest Classic 2Recently, Everest Gymnastics hosted its eighth annual Everest Classic. This is an artistic women’s gymnastics event where young pre-elite athletes have an opportunity to come together for friendship and a little friendly competition.

According to coaches from Everest Gymnastics, each gymnast receives a total of four scores… one each on the balance beam, floor, uneven bars, and vault. At the end of the event, the scores are tallied, and the athlete is provided with her all-around. The Everest Classic offers an opportunity for gymnasts to receive up to five medals.

Everest Gymnastics hosts this event as a sanctioned meet under USA Gymnastics guidelines. Athlete scores are given and compiled by USA Gymnastics certified judges. For 2019, the judges hailed from Texas and North Carolina. This event and others like it serve as a chance to gain recognition in the world of gymnastics and to qualify for future events. All Olympic-level athletes started out appearing at similar competitions.

Everest Classic 4The 2019 Everest Classic saw more than 500 young athletes from across the Carolinas and Georgia participate, including 89 from Everest Gymnastics. Head coaches Yiwen Chen and Qi Han have been organizing the event since 2012 and claim that it’s a privilege to watch not only their own students grow but also to see other promising young athletes expand their skills. More importantly, the coaches say these events are a rare opportunity for the girls to come together with their peers from other gyms.

The Everest Classic was held in Cornelius at W.A. Hough High School. This venue was chosen specifically for its oversized basketball court, which is large enough to correctly position all of the equipment needed and also to accommodate the athletes and their families. Furthermore, the school is centrally located and convenient to both Everest Gymnastics locations.

Recently, it was announced that the 2020 Everest Classic will take place on February 22nd and 23rd. Chen and Qi have already begun preparations and have secured a new venue to accommodate an ever-growing number of promising young athletes. Registration is due by December 15th and is $110 per individual; team fees are $50.