Everest Gymnastics: Be a Winning Parent

Everest GymnasticsGymnastics should be fun. At its core, that is what the sport is about, not trophies or high scores. Everest Gymnastics explains that there are things parents can do to ensure their children are getting the most out of the gymnastics experience and that it starts with having a winning attitude.

What is a winning attitude?

A winning attitude is not one that expects perfection, or even victory. According to the coaches at Everest Gymnastics, parents can show a winning attitude by being supportive and setting egos and expectations aside.

There is a bigger picture

Everest GymnasticsKids get into gymnastics for many reasons. Perhaps they enjoy the competition or simply want to challenge their skills and abilities. Parents should remember that minor setbacks are just part of the journey toward sports excellent. Each program at Everest Gymnastics was designed to allow children to experience these setbacks in a healthy and productive environment. Parents are encouraged to help their young athletes use disappointments as a tool for growth and a gauge for progress and not view them as shortcomings. Mistakes are an important part of a bigger picture and can help students set and achieve their goals.

Emotional preparedness

Parents should be mindful that, while gymnastics requires physical conditioning and skill, there are emotional issues that can’t be overlooked. According to coaches at Everest Gymnastics, parents should listen to their children when they are having a bad day. Help them understand that they cannot compare their performance to anyone else’s. Let children know that you see their hard work and be sensitive and empathetic to their feelings. It’s very easy for an impressionable young athlete to gauge their self-worth on other people’s abilities. Parents should not compare the children’s performance to rival athletes, but instead, acknowledge that competition is a valuable training partner.

Everest Gymnastics subscribes to the theory that children do their best in an atmosphere of well-being, support, and balance. This starts at home and is reflected not in trophies but in self-satisfaction and personal growth.

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