5 Quick Tips for After The Season

Everest Gymnastics is almost a household name during the busy gymnastics season. You can find young gymnasts training day and night within its walls. While the coaches’ job is, in part, to encourage physical conditioning, they are also responsible for teaching athletes when it is time to step away from the mat. Here are five tips on things all parents should encourage their athlete to do in the precious few months without a meet on the books. 

1. Rest.

According to the experienced coaches from Everest Gymnastics, the “off” season is the prime time to take some time off. This goes against everything your athlete might have learned during and before competition season, but rest is essential to their performance as well as their health. Two weeks out of the gym can do wonders for injuries as it gives the body a chance to heal. Plus, a little time off for family vacation is the best way to bond.

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A Q&A with Everest Gymnastics: America’s Most Decorated Gymnast

everest shannon millerRole models come and go, but some leave a legacy that bridges generations. According to the coaches at North Carolina’s Everest Gymnastics, Shannon Miller is one of these. Here, we’ll learn a bit about this 1996 Olympic Champion.

Q: Who’s Shannon Miller?

Everest Gymnastics: Shannon Miller was a member of the US Women’s Gymnastics Team that, in 1996, garnered the appropriate nickname of the Magnificent Seven. She is notable as both a team member and an individual athlete. She is today considered a legend in the sport and currently holds more medals than any other US athlete before or since.

Q: What was Shannon Miller’s athletic career like before the Olympics?

Everest Gymnastics: Miller was an accomplished athlete well before she ever donned the red, white, and blue leotard. Before the Olympics, she had actually participated in the 1992 Olympic Games in Spain. There, she won five medals. Miller, however, had previously earned dozens of competition medals. Before the 1996 games, Shannon already held five Olympic medals — at the time, that was more than any single athlete in any Olympic event. Continue reading “A Q&A with Everest Gymnastics: America’s Most Decorated Gymnast”

Everest Gymnastics Answers Questions About Safety

SAFETY GYMNASTICSAccording to the coaches at Everest Gymnastics, safety is critical to success in gymnastics and all other sports. Keep reading as staff members from the Cornelius-based fitness facility answer a few common questions about safety in gymnastics.

Q: What are some of the activities that students participate in that could cause injuries?

Everest Gymnastics: Just about every move a child makes during gymnastics, especially as they advance in class, involves some inherent risk. Students might fall off the balance beam, for example, or land incorrectly while flipping or tumbling. Gymnastics employs the use of special spring floors and trampolines, which may increase the risk of ankle injuries. No matter how safe your child is or how well they have been trained, there is always the potential for accidents, which is why practice and physical conditioning is so important. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics Answers Questions About Safety”

Everest Gymnastics Shares Tips on Choosing a Gymnastics Facility

everest 2

If you’ve ever considered putting your child in gymnastics, but were unsure how to find the right club, you’re not alone. Many new parents tell the coaches at Everest Gymnastics their biggest challenge was finding a facility they felt comfortable with. Many did not even know where to begin. If you’re in the early stages of looking, know that it is not difficult to choose a training center for your child, but it will take some research, and you will need to pay close attention before deciding on whether or not a gym is a good fit. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics Shares Tips on Choosing a Gymnastics Facility”

Everest Gymnastics: Simone Biles A Living Legend

bilesSimone Biles is officially the first American to take home the gold in every event at a major gymnastics competition. The students, staff, and coaches at Everest Gymnastics have been following Biles’ career for years and say that this newest accomplishment is made even more remarkable by the fact that she is barely a year back into a training routine after a 12-month hiatus following her participation at the Rio Olympics.

Biles was already notable for holding the highest number of titles by either a male or female gymnast.

According to the coaches at Everest Gymnastics, who have watched Biles’ performances closely, the athlete isn’t simply going up against inferior competition — she’s just an exceptional gymnast, a talent that seems to come naturally. Most gymnasts must practice and condition their bodies for several months before returning to competition-level performance. Not Biles. The 22-year-old was back to pre-sabbatical levels within weeks. But she didn’t stop there. It took less than three months for Biles to surpass her previous abilities. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics: Simone Biles A Living Legend”

Everest Gymnastics on 2019 Junior Olympic National Championships

Level 9 and 10 athletes from Everest Gymnastics have already made a huge impact in the world of sports for 2019. In April, it was announced that six students have qualified for the 2019 Junior Olympic National Championships and another had qualified as a Level 9 to the Eastern National Championships.

Q: What is the Junior Olympic National Championships?

Everest Gymnastics: The Junior Olympic National Championships is described by many as the culmination of the competitive gymnastics season. Featuring 12 separate divisions from Junior A to Senior F, this event brings together more than 675 athletes from across the country. Each of the competitors will showcase their very best work in an effort to become Junior Olympic champions. They will be judged on the uneven bars, vault, floor and balance beam. The ultimate goal is to be chosen best all-around. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics on 2019 Junior Olympic National Championships”

Everest Classic in its 8th Year, 89 Everest Gymnastics Students Compete

Everest Classic 2Recently, Everest Gymnastics hosted its eighth annual Everest Classic. This is an artistic women’s gymnastics event where young pre-elite athletes have an opportunity to come together for friendship and a little friendly competition.

According to coaches from Everest Gymnastics, each gymnast receives a total of four scores… one each on the balance beam, floor, uneven bars, and vault. At the end of the event, the scores are tallied, and the athlete is provided with her all-around. The Everest Classic offers an opportunity for gymnasts to receive up to five medals. Continue reading “Everest Classic in its 8th Year, 89 Everest Gymnastics Students Compete”

Everest Gymnastics Announces Nastia Liukin Cup Qualifier

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 11.47.21 AMLong-time Everest Gymnastics student Amber Lowe is no stranger to the spotlight. The vibrant 13-year-old athlete has a list of accomplishments any gymnast twice her age could easily envy. Recently, Lowe represented her home school at the Nastia Liukin Cup Invitational in Greensboro. Keep reading as gym leaders share their excitement about the event in the following brief Q&A. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics Announces Nastia Liukin Cup Qualifier”

Everest Gymnastics: Be a Winning Parent

Everest GymnasticsGymnastics should be fun. At its core, that is what the sport is about, not trophies or high scores. Everest Gymnastics explains that there are things parents can do to ensure their children are getting the most out of the gymnastics experience and that it starts with having a winning attitude.

What is a winning attitude?

A winning attitude is not one that expects perfection, or even victory. According to the coaches at Everest Gymnastics, parents can show a winning attitude by being supportive and setting egos and expectations aside. Continue reading “Everest Gymnastics: Be a Winning Parent”

A Q&A With Everest Gymnastics: Becoming an Olympian

Everest GymnasticsSix. That’s the number of Olympic gymnasts who can compete per country starting in 2020. That’s six athletes out of many hundreds of thousands of boys and girls who set their sights on the torches. Here, coaches from Everest Gymnastics, one of the most notable US National Team Training Centers in the country, answer a few common questions on how to become an Olympic competitor.

Q: How old do you have to be to join an Olympic team?

Everest Gymnastics: The minimum age to compete in the Olympics is 16. However, training begins at a much earlier age. Three-time Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas, for example, started training at age 6. Continue reading “A Q&A With Everest Gymnastics: Becoming an Olympian”